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  • Perks: Union Cowork is open 24/7

    Active work communities thrive on a 24-hour cycle, and Union is open for our business every day, all day, 365 days a year. Our Members always have secure access to their workspace.

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  • Perks: All inclusive pricing

    All Members receive plug and play space included in the cost of their office space: secure ultra high speed internet access, furnishings, basic utilities, mail service, access to social and business gatherings, and a full array of beverages to fuel your day.

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  • Perks: One Membership, All Office Access

    Whether you are a single entrepreneur or a Fortune 500 company, your Union Membership provides access to multiple locations throughout California. Have a presence in Sacramento, build a base of business in the Bay area, live in San Diego. We support your mission to conduct business the way you want to conduct business.

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