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Union Cowork is open 24/7

Active work communties thrive on a 24-hour cycle and Union is open for our business every day, all day, 365 days a year. Our Members always have secure access to their workspace.

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All Members receive plug and play space included in the cost of their office space: secure ultra high speed internet access, furnishings, basic utilities, mail service, access to social and business gatherings, and a full array of beverages to fuel your day.

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One Membership,
All Office Access

Whether you are a single entrepreneur or a Fortune 500 company, your Union Membership provides access to multiple locations throughout California. Have a presence in Sacramento, build a base of business in the Bay area, live in San Diego. We support your mission to conduct business the way you want to conduct business.

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A crash is “the collective noun used to describe a herd of rhinoceros.”

A Union “Crash’’ is a monthly innovation workshop involving Union members. This platform provides the catalyst for people from different backgrounds and trades to get together, network, and lead their neighborhoods to new opportunities. Just like the united power of a crash of rhinos, we can accomplish bigger things if we stand together.

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