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Every Union location provides unique and comfortable space to develop relationships. Whether it is between colleagues or new acquaintances, we design our spaces to encourage relaxed and progressive conversation.

Union CoWork was founded in San Diego, California in 2013. The Company leases office and industrial space in urban infill neighborhoods in California and select cities worldwide. Our primary customer segment is private businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, students, and non-profits.

Union has 3 levels of Membership based on privacy needs and size. Our spaces are accessible 24/7 by key FOB and we provide a Space Manager on site 9-5 Monday through Friday.

  • California-Centric

    Union is in the process of developing and opening 50 locations in California neighborhoods.

  • Neighborhood-Centric

    90% of our Members live and work in the neighborhoods we are located, and either bike or walk to work. We target mixed- use neighborhoods to provide our Members (and their Clients) value of accessible restaurants and coffee shops, exercise facilities, nearby child care and other attractive amenities conducive to efficient and effective business and personal development. Every Union CoWork has a Space Manager who lives in each neighborhood we are invested in. The brand is built on the values inherent to living and working in well established urban Neighborhoods.

  • Dependable

    The Union brand is developed with the intention of providing great space for people, fostering interaction with each other, resulting in more fulfilling relationships between our Members. Our architecture is consistent – we provide street- access buildings with usable outdoor spaces, comfortable decor, furnishings and finishes. We host meetups consistent at each location – CRASH networking group events, annual “shark tank” fund raise events, and quarterly speaking engagements. Each location is reflective and engaging of our partnerships with a growing select group of retailers.

  • Provides Fundamentals

    Union Membership fees include all costs associated with operations. We have contemporary furnished offices, conference rooms, kitchens, phone rooms and other breakout spaces. We are programmed social and business events. Union CoWork provides the most accessible and economically viable options in the CoWork market, three distinct Membership Levels with 24-hour secure access, storage space, and access to any Union CoWork location throughout California.

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